Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Writer's Meme

So I did the writer's meme and copied/pasted a bunch of stories.  My fiction writing style:

Mostly Stephen King--this is when I'm using more sparse description and dialogue.  Then it's a mixture of Chuck Palahniuk (humor, irony, my brand of snark) and Margaret Atwood (romantic and emotionally intimate scenes, I think this is where my style gets more sincere).  Oddly, when I write in a more poetic sense, my style is akin to Dan Brown, which I really don't get (my stories "Mirror Mask", "Those Who Favor Fire", "Fire Back" poem, "Live the Music (remix)" all have a heavier poetic air--maybe it's a sign of a pretention I need to drop).

Looking back at how I've changed and grown over time, I think my style started off with a Stephen King baseline (equates to my sparse, simple description, heavy on dialogue, light on description) with some Dan Brown-esque thrown in.  But for my more recent works, it's more Chuck Palahniuk, Margaret Atwood and Stephen King.  Only other notable pattern was that I used to have a James Joyce style for a long run of TYSK chapters (eight times in between chapters 6-22).

Oh, and when my more poetic prose isn't going all Dan Brown, it's more a mixture of Edgar Allan Poe, Jack London, Arthur Conan Doyle, and James Fenimore Cooper.

I'm curious on how this analysis works exactly.  And also, what does it mean to be like Dan Brown?  Because I tend to associate that with my less than stellar writing style.

How's everyone else interpreting this?  What does it mean to get back Stephen King or Margaret Atwood to y'all?  I've never read Chuck Palahniuk, but I know he wrote Fight Club and has a lot of award-winning novels in the past decade, so I'm counting his style as interesting and in the pro column.

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