Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Why did SCC end?

The Season 2 rewatch is coming to an end (only three episodes left! *sobs*) and I'm kinda flailing at the awesome.

First, I wanted to share this supercool link to snarky analysis of Sarah Connor's character development:  The Idiot's Guide to Sarah's Transformation.  (By the way this analysis is officially approved!  The writer of the episode commented saying it's spot onand they even linked it to the SCC writer's blog.)  There's a four episode arc for Sarah made of brilliance, but apparently critics and a lot of fans were all "Where's the Glau?  She's hot!  Blow up more shit!"  Basically, being American. 

Now, this is the sort of thing I missed when I watched the show as it aired.  I was going through a zoning out while watching TV phase while hooked to the internet, so I really didn't appreciate the story.  But watching it the second time around?  Wow.

And I just finished the two-parter Today is the Day where the fallout of Riley's death comes to a head.  "John Connor said to let you go.  I'm not John Connor" and then Reese whips out his gun.  GAH.  Also, the scene where John confronts Jesse and we realize he's not as clueless as he's been acting.  He's known all along now and he's just been wanting to live in denial, clinging to a lie about humanity.  I think he wanted to play John Baum to Riley's not-from-the-future girl.  Will the real John Connor please stand up?  Oh yeah, he just did. 

Then there's Cameron who's been malfunctioning because of damage to her chip and her hand.  She accidentally crushes a pigeon to death, then in an eerie callback to Riley slitting her own wrists, Cameron opens up her own arm and tries to ascertain what's wrong.  John helps replace parts to fix her, but she's still going all twitchy later on.  I loved when she handed John the detonator, telling him she'd put a small bit of explosive in her skull so he could stop  her if he needed to.  That level of singleminded devotion, but also her confusion when she explains how she didn't know what she was going to do with Riley, and that it had never been a decision before.  Before, she just acted.  there was no decision to be made--Riley would've been deemed a threat and then immediately terminated.  Instead, Cameron is hesitating and it leaves you wondering if a glitch in the program Cameron's version of humanity.

I'm really looking forward to the finale, but also dreading it.  Because then it's over.  _jems_ said in my earlier post that there's not much good SCC fanfic out there, but if any of y'all know of any, please link me. 
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