Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Fic: Fin Amour

Fin Amour
Author: angearia
Summary: The monks’ spell to create the Key goes wonky.
Timeline: Season 5 AU
Rating: R for (highlight to view) language, graphic violence and character death.
Word Count: ~14,000

Author’s Note: The beginning dialogue in the prologue is lifted from the BtVS episode No Place Like Home and one line borrowed from Spiral—all the rest is my own. The title is French for “courtly love” or, to be more accurate, a “fine love”. This story is my feminist spin on a chivalric epic. The concept was inspired by a discussion with flake_sake in which the question was raised: can a story express a great and abiding romantic love without the sexual expression of love? Fin Amour is my answer.

Thanks: To penny_lane_42 and ladyofthelog for the amazing beta work (banner also by ladyofthelog). You ladies keep me sane and forever motivated—love, love, love. This story was written for the Spring 2010 round of seasonal_spuffy  and cross-posted here.



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Best Angst, Best Characterization, Best Episode Re-write and Best Author @ Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards


Rigor (Over 10,000), Doomed (Het), Bloody Brilliant (Author) @ Running With Scissors Awards


Best Angst, Best Canon Fic, Best Characterization, Best Spuffy and Best Fandom Author @ Cover-to-Cover Awards - Round 2


I've Got You Under My Skin (Best Het) and I Will Remember You (Best Angst) @ No Rest for the Wicked Awards - Round 4
Tags: awards, chapter index, fic, fin amour, seasonal spuffy, spuffy

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