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Doctor Who

So everyone that ever existed on my flist has been all about Doctor Who.  I tried getting into it a year ago.  Started with when Rose appeared as companion to Nine.  I watched a few eps, mostly thinking it was weird and kinda... not my thing.

Then for this new season the flailing continued and what's more, people were saying they liked what Matt Smith was doing in a way that's different from RTD.  So I watched The Eleventh Hour.

And I LOVED IT.  The weird is still there of course, but it's a weird that's funny and creepy and bouncy joyful.  And maybe it's just that I like Eleven and that's his energy that's changing the pace of the show.  But it seems to me the production value has gone up, the writing is snappy and... well, I didn't find the episodes I watched before to be actually funny.  I thought maybe I was just not getting it, it wasn't for me.  But I watched The Eleventh Hour and was instantly charmed, immediately entertained and looking forward to more.

Off to go watch more!  I expect I'll be zooming through this season.  I feel like I finally get the Doctor Who obsession.  Gah, there were so many incredible lines in this episode.  This is the sort of episode you can watch again and again because it moves so fast there's always so much to appreciate in its nuances.
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