Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Funny Buffy

So I think my flist needs some more Spuffy spammage.  I mean, yes, we've successfully conquered Whedonesque and Logo, but in a disturbing turn Gabs'  just demonstrated Spike/Spuffy love early season love.  Thankfully, molly_may  put up a Spuffy poll to restore Spike/Spuffy dominance of fandom.  Never say die, Spuffy fans.

In the pursuit of more Spuffy and world domination, I started skimming through Buffy CAPs made by the lovely _jems_  and ran across this:

Click to View

HAHAHAHA! Buffy's expression, her body language, all totally saying, "Hello! My eyes are up here!"  

I just find this hilarious.  Oh, Buffy.  Never stop being awesome.  And Spike, continue with the ogling.  (Or if you think Spike's not ogling her 'cause his eyes are closed in pain, then Buffy's body language reads: "Hello, check me out!  I'm over here being hot and you're not noticing!  I thought vampires were into pain--so ignoring me?  Not gonna fly.") 

I love Intervention.  And you wanna know why I love Spuffy?  Because it's a 'ship with a sense of humor.  Banter.  Angst.  Romance.  Drama.  Violence.  Tenderness.  It's everything really.  The only thing it's not is boring (AHEM haters to the left).
Tags: spuffy

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