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I love VD

I mean, I love TVD aka The Vampire Diaries.  What?  You're still backing away from me slowly while sniggering?  SHUT UP.

No, wait, come back!  I want you to read about why I like this show.  Okay, I like vampires.  I do!  And what's great about this show is that it dives into the mythology and explores the nooks and crannies without hesitation.  The pace is incredible.  I watch this show on the edge of my seat.  I gasp.  I shudder.  I laugh.  (I swoon a lot at Damon when he takes his shirt off.)

This post is going to be me talking about relationship dynamics in the show and about the general vibe, so if you don't want to be spoiled AT ALL, then you won't want to read.  But I'm not giving away anything that you probably wouldn't have guessed from the relationship dynamics set-up, so if talking about that is okay, read on!

So this is me outing myself as a TVD fan.  I admit, I judged the concept and sneered at it as a Twilight-knockoff and thought it would be way too cheesy (and it was for the first few episodes, but then it GOT GOOD).  But Elena isn't Bella, thank god.  Now, she's not as awesome as Buffy to me, but she's got a spine and a brain and self-respect.  These are good things!

The writing on this show is wonderful: pace, characterization, inventive plotting.  Also, Damon.  (Also, Bonnie with her witchfu.)  So if you're the type of person who likes shipping and who likes Spike/Buffy and also likes LoVe (the icon of which I'm using for this post because I lack TVD icons--see how I'm outting myself?  I don't even have ICONS yet b/c I've been hiding the love), I'm going to hazard a guess that you have a thing for underdog relationships that shouldn't work, but that you want to see because the characters get more interesting when they interact with each other.  They snark, they snipe, they have a battle of wills, they grow to grudgingly care for each other and it's all developed with affection that isn't spoken of in over-the-top vows but shown through actions.

Why yes, this show has that type of relationship.  Damon/Elena.  And so what if I'm spoiling people.  This show feels kinda like the Buffy/Angel/Spike OT3 that happens in fanfic but Whedon refuses to have in canon ('cause he doesn't know how to handle it, apparently).  Only this is the type of love triangle where it feels natural and fun to have going on in the show (and then the love triangle spans centuries and time and did I mention there's lots of flashbacks to the Civil War era?  FLASHBACKS).

Oh, plus brother dynamic!  Damon and Stefan have this complex relationship rooted in jealousy and reluctant but abiding affection. 

There's just so much tension between the characters.  This show is all about the characters interactions, and that's my jam.  Also Boone from Lost is Damon, only he's a Boone that became a sniping outsider with edge and yum, I love the outsider.  Let's face it, Boone on lost was just an extremely pretty face and body and PRETTY, but now it's like Boone became a vampire and got a personality! 

Now I'm not saying that Damon is better than Spike (because that's blasphemy and Marsters is just amazing and I KNOW), but Damon is a great character in his own right and the role he plays in the show is reminiscent of Spike in Season 5.  Actually, it feels more like a vague-ish watercolor of Spike Seasons 2-7 all compressed into one season (yeah, that's CRAZY, but see my mentioning above how fast the pace is on this show), but the development all feels organic.

Okay, here's some VIDS! And yes, I ship Damon/Elena so this is going to be shippy. SHUT UP.

First, darlapr0duction  (she who is my fave shippy vidder and made the awesome Spuffy vids "Great Love", "Halo" and "A Small Crime") is all about Damon/Elena and this show.  Isn't that a great endorsement?  DAMN RIGHT.  These vids are mostly shippy, so they don't give away too much plot if you're worried about that.

These are just a few vids darlapr0duction  has made for The Vampire Diaries.  (You should check out her Youtube Channel for more!)

The Vampire Diaries just finished it's first season with a bang!  (Seriously, this is the kind of show where you have to pay attention because of the little things that sneak up on you--subtlety in the surprises that are foreshadowed perfectly but even then you still miss it and go WHAT OMG AWESOME!)  And another season is on the way, so no worries about investing in a show that will end prematurely.  But even if you just watch the first season, there's enough action-packed (oh did I mention the fight scenes are cool?  Oh, Damon and Alaric!) entertainment that it's definitely worth watching.  I'm tempted to do a rewatch right now since summer hiatus is starting.  And I've still got a number of shows that I'm behind on, but I'd rather rewatch TVD than catch up on my lackluster shows.  So yeah, my fave new shows this season are Community and The Vampire Diaries (please to be noting how the key here is wonderful characters!).

Who else loves this show?  Who else is willing to watch this show (I'll provide links for you!)?  Who else wants to get all fannish about this show?

Also, where's the fic?  I feel the need for fic.  Hell, I might even write some fic.

And I'm guessing if anyone does comment, the comments will be full of spoilers so read with caution.  I tried to make my post vague on plot, but still give a sense for the show with some attractive selling points.
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