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BSG: The End of Season 3

So while I liked certain aspects of the opening to this season, it really dragged on for me.  I had trouble staying interested.  I did love Helo fighting against the corrupt doctor, the Chief fighting for the workers to have union rights.  And I really enjoyed the boxing episode.  And the ending where Kara and Lee are beating the shit out of each other, then finish hugging each other in exhaustion.  The whispered, "I missed you"s.  That's what they are (when they're at their best).  Two characters who fight at each other, who keep each other honest, who push each other to be better.  

But the season didn't really pull me in till near the end.

Also, Kara!  Nooooo dying!  But also, I know you'll be back!  So your death is at once touching but not heartwrenching because I saw a GIF of you coming back!  The relationship with her mother, the abusive nature of it was just really heartbreaking.  And I reacted personally to that because of my own experiences.  Oh, Kara.  I'm guessing Kara's emotional fuckedupness is why she slept with Lee, then deserted him in the wee hours of the morning to go marry Sam.  It's not that she doesn't love Sam, but I think they don't 'get' each other the way she and Lee do.  And I think besides being shit-scared at the intimacy possible with Lee, even being scared of happiness, I think she was afraid of making Lee unhappy in the end.  That disappointing him when she was genuinely trying would have been worse than deliberately disappointing him.  That way she's not a failure, she's just a deliberate fuckup.  So yeah, I still love Kara.  

Lee!  Lee standing up to his dad.  GUH.  It hurt to have Adama so brutally accuse Lee of no integrity.  And I loved Lee being the only honest man in the room.  I love how his shooting down the passenger ship in Season 1 still weighs heavy on his heart.  Lee: not a hypocrite.  I was having flashes to Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and Henry Fonda in Twelve Angry Men and Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird.  Stand your ground and make your passionate plea for reason, for justice.  (Oh, I continue to find Dee/Lee boring so I'm glad she left him because he was filled with integrity.  Way to go, Dee.  Way to stand by your guy.)

I really loved the trial.  I love fictional trials, I do.  And this one was so emotionally charged.  Though Felix Gaeta WHY???  I hate that he perjured himself.  But clearly he's used to bending the rules sometimes.  Like how he lied to cover-up Dee's complicity in helping Lee and Roslin escape at the beginning of Season 2.  Gaius' defense lawyer was so intriguing and I love that actor (he was in Firefly, wasn't he?)--I just loved how astute and clever he was, especially that bit about leaving the cane behind when he walked off the ship at the end.  I hope he comes back. 

Adama/Roslin OTP.  They are so wonderful.  I love every scene with them together.  I love her calling him in the morning in the finale episode saying, "Tell me to get out of bed" and laughing as her ordered her "get your lazy ass out of your rack, Roslin".  YES.

Sam, Chief Tyrol, Col. Tigh, the president's aide are Cylons?  WTF?  Okay, I forget, but why do the other Cylons not even know who the final five Cylons are?  Like WTF is up with that?  Can anyone explain this (in case I missed something) without spoiling me for Season 4?

And I'm guessing the fifth one is Kara?  Yes?  And I'm expecting this bogey to go upside down so that Lee can see her in the cockpit (dang, she just flew across his wing, then sidled next to him--that's way less dramatic.  I wanted her to pull a Top Gun, fly above him and flip so she was upside down so she could wave at him).  Okay so is Kara the fifth cylon?  Or did she like jump through a portal when everyone thought she'd died?  

Aaaaaaaaanyways.  WTF.  The last 15 minutes of this episode was so cracktastic.  Interesting, but there was way too much WTFery.

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