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Y'all, I'm like a psychic or something (Why I Knew #34 Was Coming)

Okay, y'all.  I think I've ascended to a higher state of consciousness.  Like, it's getting eerie.  See, I guessed Angel was Twilight.  He was my number one suspect with a vast lead in my head.  I even placed an official bet at SlayAlive.  I WIN AT LIFE.

And then there's the "We Are As Gods!" prediction I made that ladyofthenoodle illustrated perfectly.

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And guess what?  Buffy and Angel are actually dressed like that by the end of the comics, going all Ancient Greek in style ( for some bizarre reason Ancient Greek = Adam and Eve portrayal of paradise in Season 8).  WIN!  Go Fandom!

So I've been reading all the reviews celebrating Bangel Boinking Day and thinking about doing my own, then I realized that because I'm psychic, I ALREADY DID.


Are you ready for this?


“I’m not the one with the deviant porn collection that doesn’t even have the decency to be porn. It’s dishonest. What’s the world coming to?"  - Spike, Thought You Should Know, Chapter 30

Because that's what #34 is.  It's a deviant portrayal of porn that doesn't even have the decency to be porn. 

Now, I've long been a defender of Jeanty's art.  He gives the characters bobbleheads to focus on the expressions and I think it works well enough (for me, at least).  But the downside to his style is that the characters do appear like children, the proportions of their bodies are not adult.  In light of this, you know what is unmixy with Jeanty's style?  PORN.  Nonononono. 

(To more clearly understand the difference between bad porn and good porn, flake_sake has a review with visual aids.  This review is NSFW.  Also not safe for children or those of faint heart.)

So this makes it "deviant".  But what's worse is that it doesn't even have the decency to portray porn honestly, without shame.  Body parts are veiled even as you can connect the dots as Angel's thrusting into Buffy from behind, clutching her in space, doing the dirty.  Because apparently sex is dirty and one must not look directly at it even as one keeps getting page after page of Buffy and Angel mid-coitus.  Greaaaaaaat. 

#34 doesn't even have "the decency to be porn.  It's dishonest."  And look what happens when bad porn is unleashed.  Cyclones.  Natural disasters.  Demons invading our dimension.  "What's the world coming to?"

I'm like a superhero Buffy Comics Nostradamus or something.  Only cooler.  And also, RIGHT.  I didn't even have to work long and hard to get this pompous.  ALL NATURAL, BABY.  BOW DOWN.  ;-)

Any questions for my magnificent, all-knowing self?

[ETA]  I would like to share my prediction on what's happening in the comics at large.  On the medium change, the lack of budget restrictions, Joss' brain undiluted without a writer's room or actors to influence him (speaking of, we need some icons of Season 8 being OTT ridiculous with text that says "This is Joss' Brain on Crack").  Here is my all-knowing, all-seeing judgment on why Season 8 comics are faltering where BtVS the show soared:

“What idiot came up with the idea to reinvent the book?  It’s like reinventing the wheel. When you finally get it right, shut your trap and go home.”  - Spike, Thought You Should Know, Chapter 35
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