Emmie (angearia) wrote,

I've got a request...

Hello flist!  I had a brainstorm today about "Thought You Should Know" and  I'd really love to have a piece of art made.  Here's the concept:

Left side of the piece:

In the center:

At the right side:

It would include large text saying "Thought You Should Know" and "by Angearia" beneath the title.  Then somewhere towards the bottom and in smaller text "You Bring Out the Poet in Me."  And of course all the pics blended together with some kind of dark-ish background, perhaps interspersed with some light towards the top where both Spikes' eyes are looking up.  I wish (oh how I wish!) I had the photoshop talent to do this because I can see the concept really clearly in my head.  Sigh.

Anyone have any ideas on where would be a good place to make this request?  Or if the concept is good, sounds do-able, etc.? 

ETA:  Here's the beautiful banner easy_to_corrupt   made for me. :)

Tags: art, thought you should know
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