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 So I'm delighted to see the leaked cover for Season 8 #37 is undercutting the over-the-top romance of Buffy/Angel and showing how what's happening is really warped and will lead to something disastrous.  YES. 

This is what I like to call CONSEQUENCES.  Yikes.

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My Season 8 faith is being restored and I'm once again incredibly interested in where the story is headed. 

So where's the Traveling to Another Season One Dimension Zombie fic?

Or how about this idea by Xavier Zane at Buffy Forums:

"I think it would be pretty brave of Joss if he were to do a reset...like the ultimate reset. Season 1, Episode 1. A completely alternate timeline, like Star Trek XI. Here's how I envision that going down: Buffy betrays all of her friends and gives in to Angel's "perfect happiness". Everyone ends up dead. During the carnage she realizes just how far she's fallen, but can't do anything to stop it at this point. The final death of someone (probably Willow, but maybe Dawn) throws her back to her first day at Sunnydale High, and she has to meet again the friends who she just saw die and for which she is implicitly responsible. She has to make her way through her first day again; trying to save Jesse, maybe making friends with Cordelia, deciding whether or not to even involve herself in Xander and Willow's lives this time around, and ultimately she has to reject Angel out of hand the first time they meet. For the good of the universe."

This Vid expresses how I feel right now when I've been trying to express that Buffy/Angel will lead to badness and that it's just ominous as hell.  VINDICATED.

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