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More BSG Thoughts and Capslock Abuse

Okay, I'm resisting reading comments from my earlier post 'cause inadvertent spoilery stuff is getting leaked in.  LALALA, CAN'T HEAR YOU (until later!).  But here's more thoughts by episode (it's fun to kinda flail about what I'm enjoying here)!  *points at title of post*  This is not a serious thinky thoughts post at all.

Final Cut  - in which New Zealand-accented D'Anna Biers does serious hand-cam journalism .
Oh, I liked this!  But of course the reporter turned out to be working with the cylons--I liked her (and her documentary)!  DAMN YOU,  XENA.  WHY???  GABRIELLE JUDGES YOU.  Also, did Lucy Lawless somehow get even hotter?

Flight of the Phoenix  - in which Chief and Helo duke it out, then Chief gets all inspired with making stuff while the CYLON VIRUS ATTACKS.
Okay, here is where I started liking Sharon.  'Cause yeah.  That was awesome the way she helped reboot the Galactica's computer systems and then sent a virus that took out the Cylon squadron. And it made me miffed at Adama for being all "Get in the brig, you dirty Cylon!"  Also, Blackbird!  Chief making something because HE CAN. 

Pegasus - in which I'm sure this ep title means something.  Too tired to ponder it though.  The second everyone was so happy for Admiral Cain to arrive you just knew it was gonna get bad.  This is BSG--happiness doesn't belong in this post-apocalyptic world.
Adama:  I'm getting back my Master Chief and Paul Ballard men!
Me:  YES.  FIGHT.  I HOPE LEE GETS INTO A FIGHT WITH THAT DOUCHE IN THE ONE SHIP THEY'RE RUNNING TOGETHER--CLOSE QUARTERS FIGHTS ARE THE BEST.  Of course Lee fails to do this which is just the beginning of him becoming a complete wuss--seriously how many times does he get whooped in the next few eps?
Also, I keep thinking of Star Trek 'cause of the actress playing Admiral Cain.  I'm all WHERE'S YOUR PIERCING AND YOUR NOSE RIDGES?  Also, gah.  There's something viciously satisfying about seeing rapists get the shit beaten out of them (though I didn't necessarily want the brains-bashing-in part).  Oh, Chief and Helo.

Resurrection Ship 1 & 2
Okay, this was nifty.  I love Blackbird being awesome, the butting of heads, the dire plotting going on both sides.  And they both back down!  And how Kara was so torn up, but was being loyal to the Old Man, but so relieved when he called it off.  And Baltar shined when he shared the Sports/Pyramid story with Six-in-corporeal-form and about how he'd always bought a second ticket for her, awwww.  Damn, Cain was brutal.  Not sorry she's gone, even if Kara tried to guilt trip me into it at the end of the ep 'We were safer with her than without her.'  And the message of this reminds me of Twilight and Season 8--the question is, do you deserve to survive if what you've become is a monstrosity?

Oh, Laura.  The pieces are coming together in ways she still doesn't get, but her suspicions about Gaius are on the rise.  And Sharon's baby!  No!  And the bizarre twist.  HAHAHA, GAIUS CURED CANCER.  I kept waiting for him to say it!  Be all, LOOK BITCHES I CURED CANCER.  Glad Sharon is safe since I now do sorta like her.  Oh, and intriguing that Laura got a little bit on the side from Prez Adar, but whoa he turned out to be a real jerk about her doing her job.  YOU'RE  A BETTER PREZ, LAURA--YOU'RE THE CHOSEN ONE.

Black Market  -  In which the gangster thug is a black man--isn't he the only powerful black man in the show so far?  He's got to be a gangsta!  Oh, hey now they're color coding the ep titles!
Why is this episode so boring?  Lee's sleeping with some random blonde chick with a kid who's working it off in trade?  NO THANK YOU.  Because the woman is just some cypher character and just there to make Lee be sympathetic or WHATEVER.  Blah blah blah, not enough Kara, blah blah blah, I wish Tigh would show up and call Lee out on being lame because now I'd actually agree.  And blah blah Lee is meeting with black market thugs and I'm so BORED that I'm here blogging about the earlier episodes that I enjoyed way more.  Lee's kinda boring when he's not around Kara.  When he's with Kara they're all in each other's faces, throwing punches, faux-flirting, or giving wonderful BFF/kinda sexy hugs and support.  Elsewhere, he just appears like a whiny little self-righteous wuss who doesn't understand why Daddy doesn't love him people don't think he's awesome.  THERE'S A REASON EVIL ADMIRAL CAIN CHOSE KARA, LEE.  RECOGNIZE.  This Lee episode that's supposed to be all character-developy for him fails in comparison to the 15 seconds where it's revealed by that Cylon doctor that all of Kara's fingers were deliberately broken as a child.  Here, it's like they're trying WAY too hard.  Next!

Oh and he rejects Dee, but then looks all mopey when she's flirty-working out with Billy.  How many women is Lee currently obsessing over?  And I thought Kara was the one who got around!

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