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 Thought You Should Know won Best Gen at the No Rest for the Wicked awards (wicked_awards)!  And wow, there are some amazing fics that I love nominated in this category and in general--so y'all should check out the nominees over there.


Judges' Comments: As gen fics go, this is one you do not want to miss. It really is extremely
well-written and will stick to your mind as a beautiful work from the talented Angearia.

Thank you again to whoever nominated me and a huge thanks to the people involved with running the awards site.  And congratulations to all the nominees and award winners on my flist.  Rock on!

In other writing news, I'm happy to share (reassure?) that I've been hard at work on the next few chapters.  I'm working to complete this arc of the story in its entirety so that I can post them more regularly.  That way, no disastrous waiting for cliffhangers.  I've also been working on editing my earlier chapters with my betas (who I didn't have when I first started) so that I can tighten up the story.  Once it's complete, I'm planning to make the entire piece available in PDF form.  Plans--I haz them.

Oh, and speaking of awards sites.  What happened to Rogue Poet Awards?  Did they move?  I hope they're not gone for good. 
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