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And they called it Buffy Love...

The best part about Buffy being in the Final Championship Round (click the link to VOTE!) at f_march_madness?  The CAMPAIGNING.  Because it's bringing a wonderful outpouring of BUFFY LOVE.  Here's some prime examples I'm delighted to share with you.

The Posters & Picspam 

By thelake

By thelake
"Saved the world" Posters by thelake 


By imaginary_lives

Buffy: The Gift pic by imaginary_lives 

By whisperwords

By whisperwords

  Buffy: Restless and Buffy: Chosen by whisperwords 

By heather13

Buffy: Seven Seasons art by heather13  

LINK ♥ Buffy Summers picspam by deadsies  - A wonderful picspam chocked full of Buffy love for all seven seasons.

 The GIFs





To see more, view my Photobucket Album of GIFs.  Feel free to snag, but please do not hotlink.  

(Most of these GIFs were posted without credit to the creator in the comments thread of f_march_madness.  
If you'd like to claim credit or direct credit to the creator, please let me know and I'll be happy to do so.  Thanks.)

The Vids

Now this video is more about sharing the love of strong, kickass female characters, but it's awesome relevance in a match where Buffy is in the finals cannot be ignored:

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault

To Download: One Girl Revolution (multi-fandom) by arefadedaway 

And to continue the multi-fandom love, here's a wonderful video about
kickass women--Buffy, Veronica Mars, Syndney Bristow, Zoe (Serenifly), Kara Thrace:

To Download: Enjoy Being a Girl by absolutedestiny 

Share the Buffy love!  
Feel free to post links to Buffy picspams, art, vids and meta.  
It's all Buffy, all the time.
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