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Help! Vote for Bones!

So f_march_madness is down to the Final Four and Buffy is KICKING ASS.  Yes, we know she rocks.  So our Slayer is slaying as only she can, but let's give a hand to Temperance Brennan because how awesome would it be to have BUFFY vs. BONES in the FINAL SHOWDOWN.  Temperance "Bones" Brennan is within 70 or so votes of overtaking Sheldon whathisface, so c'mon Flist, go share your awesome power.  (THEY'RE TIED NOW--KEEP IT UP, FLIST!)

 If you haven't voted yet, please go VOTE FOR BONES!  (And Buffy, of course. :D)  
12 more hours to vote!

And be sure to spread the news to your flist and other Bones fans. We've got 12 hours to help Bones whoop some Geek Boy booty!

Feel free to hotlink the Campaign Poster (Image URL = http://i49.tinypic.com/15wdshh.jpg) and post it in your journal with this code:

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