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Meta Rec

 In the wake of Season 8 #33, some incredible meta has surfaced.  I'll admit to being thoroughly shaken and disturbed by that issue.  And I still am.  But can I just say how much I'm now enjoying it now.  Because it's controversial.  There is such enormous risk here.  And I'm left on tenderhooks wondering if my favorite character can come back from the brink.  It feels like no one is safe, that anyone could die next, that characters could go dark and never find their way back to the light.

It's about risk and I find it incredibly exciting.  

In light of this, I'm also happy to note that through the reveal we now know Giles' arc has been the dark horse of the season (yes, I'm aware of the ironic word therein).  Here's some wonderful meta about Giles' character journey and how it all comes back to his love for Buffy:

Giles: A Restrospective

Tags: meta, rec, season 8

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