Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Caprica "Know Thy Enemy"

 So James Marsters character was one of the highlights of this episode.  But dang, the young man working opposite him is just awful.  This young actor is ruining the scenes with Barnabus, I just want him to go far, far away.

This episode wasn't as enthralling as the one before it--I loved the adventures Tamara had in the virtual Holoband worlds and I'm looking forward to exploring that concept more--but there was still quite a bit to enjoy in this slower-moving drama.

Zoey-robot giving Philomon a pity-date was quite adorable.  And I'm enjoying seeing his crush on the robot being returned by her avatar self.  Complex, but strangely cute.  I can imagine it leading to all sorts of painful interactions in the future.

Finally, Vergis seems like a very intriguing character.  The final scene in this episode where he explained how his new mission was to steal Dr. Greystone's every dream... intense.  

*After the OTT crack of Season 8, it was nice to watch a subtle story about robots and virtual realities.  Strange how that's the one world that's coming across as more believable.
Tags: caprica

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