Emmie (angearia) wrote,

FIC: Chronology

Title:  Chronology
Summary:  Chronological time is a concept to which Drusilla doesn't subscribe.
Warnings: This is not a Spuffy penguin AU.  Sorry, but I'll leave that up to the talented quinara, brutti_ma_buoni and snickfic.
Rating: PG.
Word Count: 172.
Author's Note:  In response to penny_lane_42's Three Sentence Ficathon.  The prompt: Drusilla - broken clocks.

Tick tock, tick tock, the clock tick-tick-ticks all in a row and she knows the order's wrong because ticking musn’t go round and round but up and down in sideways spirals and backflips that float on air until they splash.

It’s wrongwrongwrong and no one notices or cares (selfish the lot of them, blind they are), especially him (all he can think about is her, the girl wrapped in sunshine who wants to bleed light into him and burn him from the inside out), and she’d go to her sweet Spike but he’s already trapped in the spinning round and round (can’t kill wheels no matter she smashes the gleaming every night, come morning the spinning's back, all shiny and new).

It’s a lie, a horrible lie that’s screeching tick tocks make everyone rise and shine by the turning of the hand (she knows better, she knows the way the world twists into turns and bounces back again) and so she smashes the ticking into bits—lies are not to be abided.
Tags: drusilla, fic

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