Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Spuffy Thought of the Day

Spike and Buffy fight.  A lot.  And they like it, what's more.  That's my firm belief.  Not only do they like to fight demons and kickass, but they enjoy fighting each other.  Both physically and verbally.  That's why I love writing Spuffy banter.  Just as I imagine them getting a rush from sparring kicks and punches, I imagine them gleeful at sparring with words.

Though that might seem too discordant a life for a healthy relationship.  That they're always (playfully) fighting.  But it's not always.  What's more, no matter how much they love to fight and, utlimately, love to win, what they love most is each other.
Tags: meta, spuffy, thought of the day

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