Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Author's Note Re: Thought You Should Know fic

Thanks to everyone for the amazing feedback.  The interest expressed in seeing this story continue has encouraged me to work on the next installment.  So yes, more is coming.  I just wanted to let anyone who follows my LJ know to expect the next installment sometime after March 4th.

Why that date?  For anyone who follows the Buffy Season 8 comics, issue 23 Predators and Prey comes out this Wednesday.  I know that the reading audience for the comics isn't universally popular for Season 8 and especially not for Spuffy fans.  But there's one important reason why the continuation of this story will go forward in this continuity - in Season 8 we discover that the "Buffy" seen in The Girl in Question wasn't really Buffy, but a decoy!Buffy set up in order to keep the whereabouts of the real Buffy secret from the demon world.  This retcon makes The Girl In Question even more farcical when you realize that Angel and Spike were driving themselves mad over a fake Buffy and that once again (just like in Damage) Andrew pulled the wool over their eyes.  The story won't be strictly following the comics but there will be elements that are cued from Season 8. 

I hope anyone who enjoyed the first part of my story will continue with me and jump over the Season 8 continuity hurdle.  I promise to make it painless for you. ;)  The story just offers more possibilities for me to write.

Tags: thought you should know, writing

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