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Vid Pimpin'

One of my favorite vidders just came out with a new one.  darlapr0duction made the lovely Spuffy vids "Halo" and "A Small Crime" (which have unfortunately been taken down by the YouTube police - CURSE THEM!).  But she's back with another ode to Spuffy.  She does an amazing job of drawing connections between Spike and Buffy through voiceovers and visuals that draw fascinating parallels set to music that evokes powerful emotions.  It all just resonates so strongly that I'm blinking back tears--she's my go-to vidder to get inspired for writing Spuffy because she encapsulates so much of what I love about their relationship.  So do go check it out!

Oh, and please leave her lovely feedback to encourage her to make more Spuffy vids!  *nods*

(Sidebar:  Has it be kinda quiet on LJ recently or is it just me...?  It feels like a number of people haven't been around much lately.)
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