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Scene Swappage

I thought I remembered reading this somewhere and it seemed like an interesting discussion starter.  Anyone else noticed the difference in the scripts in this scene between Buffy and Faith in Enemies?


Transcript (aka "What Actually Aired")

The Scooby gang bursts in the front door. Faith throws Angel
into the gang's path. Faith and Buffy fight. The gang wards
  off Angelus with crosses and stakes. Buffy and Faith end in
  a standoff, each holding a knife to the other's throat.

Faith: What are you gonna do, B, kill me? You become me. You're not
ready for that, yet.

  Faith grabs Buffy's neck and kisses her on the forehead. Faith
  runs away.

Shooting Script (aka "What Was Originally Written")

Both Slayers roll toward each other, landing, each with a knife held under the other's chin, each holding the other's wrist. Locked together.  The gang, looking on, dares not get in the way.

FAITH (cont'd)
What are you going to do, B?
Kill me - you become me. You're
not ready for that...

Faith surprises Buffy by jerking her head forward - not to head-butt her, but to give her a quick KISS on the lips.  Faith pulls back.
FAITH (cont'd)

So what do you think?  It's in the shooting script, but not in the final cut.  Censors?  Director's choice?  Joss?  I'm remembering how hard the WB fought against Willow and Tara's first on-screen kiss, so I suspect it was censorship.  But it could have not jived with Joss, though if so why did it make it so far along in the shooting script (not that I know much about this process but...)  And just wondering now if they didn't actually film that scene both ways.  First with Faith kissing Buffy on the lips, then later on the forehead.

Anyways, I'm now imagining the GIF in the center here (love bar by easy_to_corrupt ) going a slightly different way.  


My own personal take is that the reason people read Buffy/Faith subtext in their relationship is because Doug Petrie was partially influencing Faith's arc this way. Doug Petrie wrote a kiss on the lips initially and there's no way for me to look at that as sisterly, so I get the feeling he saw something sexual there. I know the anecdote (it was in his Write Environment interview last year) about how fans asked Joss about the Buffy/Faith subtext, he denied it ("You fans will see subtext with any two hot girls in the same scene!") then read an analysis by the fans that made him backtrack and basically go: 'Huh, I guess you're right. There is subtext.' It seems like something Doug Petrie was aware of and Joss Whedon wasn't while Season 3 was airing. I've gotta wonder if Joss wasn't aware of it by the time he wrote and directed "Who Are You?" and the bathtub scene--that scene seems to be teasing with the idea.
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