Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Tellin' It

So I'm a rebel. I deflect crackers4jenn 's magic powers and will cheat with multiple answers for this...'kay?

Who on my flist...

01. Makes you smile: sarian71 -- I know it's mostly you commenting about fic, but I love it when you do. It makes me happy and, obviously, I smile. :) But really pretty much everyone I'm listing here makes me smile.
02. Is super smart and makes you think: gabrielleabelle, beer_good_foamy, stormwreath, shadowkat67, 2maggie2
03. Has awesome taste in music: beer_good_foamy and rebcake
04. Who you have met/want to meet in RL: eowyn_315, gabrielleabelle, penny_lane_42.  And hey, I might be crashing on stormwreath's couch if I ever make it to Britain--that's a long-standing offer, right? ;)
05. You have a sort of crush on: Naturally there's my femslashy threeway with gabrielleabelle and eowyn_315. Hmmm... I crush over guys with humor so Stephen and Beer Good--being funny and smart is a win-win for me.
06. Writes stories you love: penny_lane_42, ladyofthelog, moscow_watcher, jen_nsync_landl, rahirah, eowyn_315, stormwreath, beer_good_foamy, snickfic, deird1, heather13 (I miss your fic!), green_maia (you don't write as often, but when you do oh wow it sticks with me).  These are all the writers who I'm happy to rec to other people.
07. You think is super pretty (inside or out): penny_lane_42 and dongetanyolder -- the two sweetest people ever.  Not a mean bone in their bodies, nope.
08. Is totally fun: gabrielleabelle--witness the hours upon hours she's entertained me.  Plus she has superfun Xena watching marathons.  Sigh, Texas is so far away.
09. You trust with your secrets: penny_lane_42
10. Is your brain twin: penny_lane_42 and gabrielleabelle
Tags: meme
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