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Motivate me to write? Okay!

Getting messages like this is the equivalent of firing a rocket launcher at my evil procrastinating side that tells me "Go ahead and watch Inglorious Basterds!  Go write that meta on Season 8!  Go write a behind-the-scenes review of Season 8 for DH!  Go scour the forums for interesting comments among the drivel!  Oh, and don't forget to plan a ficathon!  See?  You're too busy to write now.  Silly writer - trix are for kids."

Granted, I've only had a working laptop for the past week and by working I mean one that was under siege of the evil Internet Security 2010 virus for three days.  But this is me looking in the mirror and giving myself the resolve face -- TYSK update back on track this Tuesday or else.  Because Sagewoman said:

"When is the next chapter?????

I'm sick...Emmie write and Sage feel better.

[image] [image] [image] [image]

Awww.  And lol!  Writing can cure all the hurts, aye?  Spuffy is definitely my cure-all. 

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