Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Good news!

First, I think I fixed my computer.  I have slayed the evil virus!  VICTORY!

(Seriously, it is a big accomplishment that I was able to fix my laptop instead of just making it worse.  If the end of the world comes in the form of a computer virus and it could've been prevented, I'll be the one who pushes the wrong button that triggers the Apocalypse.  Anywho...)

On top of this delightful PC news, I have to share this Dollhouse meta with y'all.  Okay, I know most folks on my flist are Tony/Priya aka Victor/Sierra shippers.  Ah, but for me - my Dollhouse OTP is Adelle/Dominic.  And the climax of their love story was "A Spy in the House of Love."  I've been pooh-poohed for believing that Roger was a stand-in love interest of Adelle's, but here's the meta that just might convince the naysayers.  It's wonderful fun so please go read:

Tags: rec
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