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Working on TYSK

Hey y'all! 

I just wanted to shoot up a flare (of the not panicking sort) for anyone following TYSK with a reassurance that it's not dead in the water.  The past few weeks have been a bit interesting - first, my computer died and I lost some bits of the upcoming story.  Cue the mourning and woe.  Next classes and lots of work took up my time.  Then Twilightgate happened and took up even more of my time with my running the Scott Allie Q&A and generally having my mind blown by what's to come (and writing meta about it which I hope to have posted soon!).  The reveal finally unlocked the direction of TYSK in my mind actually -- I'd been banking on it being who it was, but it happening like this couldn't have been more perfect.  I'm a very happy girl. 

I could have churned out a filler chapter of TYSK, but filler?  Yuck.  (Instead I offered much Spuffy birthday fic as a distraction!  Did it work? :P)  In the interim, I've been working hard at outlining the next few chapters in great detail because the action?  Oh yeah, it's a-comin' and the plotting of which requires me to listen to much epic music to get into the mood.  The next couple chapters are challenging me as a writer because I'm switching back between Buffy and Spike's POVs as the action unfolds, plus doing mysterious reveals and oh yeah, I had to research about the location and military practices and such.  So I've been unable to move forward with the next update until I have all of the next big chunk of story properly laid out and researched so that every piece fits.  Bright side?  Now that it's all falling into place, the next few chapters will get churned out like whoa.

Thanks to everyone reading for being patient with me.  I know it's hard following a WIP, but y'all's support keeps me going.
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