Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Poem: On the Beauty of Naked Spike

gabrielleabelle  said (upon discovering a fan was compiling a Buffyverse bibliography that included fan meta):  "I feel the urge to write a lengthy treatise on the beauty of naked!Spike just to send to him. That would be cool."

penny_lane_42  agreed:  "I'm Lauren, and I approve this idea."

To which I replied:  "Maybe we should write about this in a poetic form? You know, really make it something special."

And penny_lane_42  suggested:  "Limericks? Blank verse? Sestinas? Sonnets?  Maybe we can recruit mere_ubu to write an epic made up entirely of Spaiku!"

To which I offered (in utter and vast seriousness for the occasion):

Gaze upon the ripple
of his abs,
Marvel at the cut
of his cheekbones.

Oh, Waste us, Waste away,

As faint hearts
never won fair lady,
Fainting hearts lay
already won.
Tags: fic, poem, silliness is silly

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