Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Holy WOW

Okay, so I haven't been inspired to write much meta this year about Season 8 (barring my analysis of Always Darkest).  I guess it's because Joss hasn't been writing (and I get Joss' writing, it sparks something in my brain that goes "Hmmm.").  Now with the reveal of Twilight's identity and the news of Spike my mind has been churning at a break neck speed.

Last time I wrote intensive Season 8 meta, it was for Time of Your Life and I was working to unravel Willow's plan and motivations. 

Now, I think I have a (very big) inkling about how Angel is Twilight and how Spike fits into the puzzle.

And here's where the realization sprung:  Season 8 is an epic fairytale.  It is a journey.  And there are obstacles.  And quests for immortality.  And... deities manipulating the mortals (vampire immortality pales in comparison to God-like immortality, so let's view Angel as a demi-god).

I'm furiously working on this meta and hope to have it posted soon (why, yes I've taken the precaution of not just typing this in LJ and watching it disappear).  So expect much thinky thoughts and pretty visuals in a bit. :D

(Can y'all tell I'm frickin' excited?!)
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