Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Remember how we were wondering about Spike in Season 8?


Joss, I want to wrap our Buffy talk with what will hopefully give fans one more spoiler as far as the future of the series. After we'd mentioned we'd be talking to you, a reader named Remmy wrote in saying that, of all the characters in the Buffyverse, Spike was his favorite, and he wondered if, with Angel back in play in "Season 8," could something for Spike be too far off?

You know, like Angel, he's somebody we wanted to keep our mitts off of for a while. And, like Angel, he's incredibly important to Buffy. So do I have plans for Spike? I don't think anybody's going to gasp in horror when I say, "Yes." What are they? I don't think anybody's going to gasp in horror when I say "I'm not going to tell you!" [Laughs]

Spike is "incredibly important to Buffy."  Joss has "plans for Spike."


Maggie!  Maggie!  Yes yes yes! Remember this?



And to those not reading the comics, Buffy/Xander has been laid to rest.  Not gonna happen.  Xander has genuine feelings for Dawn and he's moved on from his crush on Buffy.  And it was implied that Buffy's romantic feelings for Xander were a result of her grasping for someone to love and landing on him.


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