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Okay, so during the days of Twilightgate last week, around the same time that Scott Allie was doing a phone interview with Buffyfest, I was formulating some questions to ask him also.  I got my responses from him right around the time that fandom roared in outrage and decided to not add fuel to the fire.  (I also didn't have time to do much with this considering my limited time online while I didn't have a computer.)

Things seem to have settled down now so here's the short five question interview.  Now the first question and the third one aren't exactly revelatory, but the others might be interesting to some people. 

After all the anticipation and secrecy surrounding the Twilight reveal, what was behind the decision to spoil it in the #34 solicits rather than in the pages of #33?  Was it impossible to keep the secret any longer?  The Marvel comics released blacked out covers for their solicits - was this considered for the covers of #34?
Scott Allie:  It was an error. Edited covers were prepared, and that's what you'll see in the print version of Diamond, but the wrong covers were apparently given out for the internet. 
[Emmie, maybe put the following questions after a Spoiler Alert?]

 It appears that Jeanty’s variant cover is an homage to Carmine Infantino’s drawing of Superman and Wonder Woman:

Click to View

  It’s interesting to note the gender roles being reversed  - Buffy is Superman andAngel is Wonder Woman (a fitting reversal for Buffy especially as she often subverts gender roles by taking the "male" role - plus Angel’s pretty much a girly name).  Buffy’s arc in the upcoming issues penned by Meltzer has already been compared to Superman.  Angel, on the other hand, more closely resembles the comic book antihero, Batman – the brooding detective who likes his black ensemble and sticks to the shadows and, fittingly, wears a mask to keep his identity a secret.  Any chance of seeing an homage cover coming from this angle of Buffy as Superman and Angel as Batman?
Actually, it's an homage to this cover:
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We take our homages pretty literally. In the regular DC Comics, we've never actually seen Superman and Batman kiss, so there was no image to base it on. But the idea of flopping the genders would have been a good one.

Angel’s appearance in the Buffy comics begs the question– how does this line up in continuity with IDW’s ongoing ANGEL title?  Was "After the Fall" plotted with this outcome in mind?  
This will be made to jibe with the IDW continuity. A lot remains to be seen about what this "reveal" means, so you'll start seeing what all this means in the months to come. IDW has already done a pretty funny image in response to this, if you go to Brian or Chris's blog.

To know the Buffy fandom (or any fandom, really) is to know the Shipper lines and tread softly.  This treading softly was apparent in Chosen’s episode commentary where Joss Whedon talked about the difficulty of having Buffy kissing Angel in one scene only to go on to tell Spike she believes in him and loves him later on in the episode.  These covers seem to be a reversal of the previous ‘tread softly’ stance – Buffy/Angel fans are now dealing with the reality that Twilight, a villain, now appears to be Angel, while Buffy/Spike fans are left wondering ‘what about us?’  How do you deal with the Shipper question?  I’d liken it to poking a sleeping tiger with a stick – how do you deal with the tiger once it’s awakened and hungry after a long slumber?    
Did Joss ever declare a "tread softly" stance? He should've warned me ... I know he considers this aspect of things, but he doesn't let it guide the story. There are lines of dialogue addressing it in #33, after the reveal, but we couldn't not do this because of what one segment of the fans or another would think. We talk about it—Oh, these guys are gonna kill us—and the thing Joss did with Jo on MDHP was certainly done, tongue in cheek, with the fans in mind. But we've got to trust the fans to read the story and not take plot developments as personal affronts to them and their preferences.

Angel and Spike have become attached at the hip.  Season 5 of Angel had them working together and this partnership continued in IDW’s comics.  They even appear together in Buffy’s Season 8 dream sequences (Long Way Home and Always Darkest) - both vampires have symbolically played a large part in how Buffy deals with her inner darkness and Slayer identity.  Now that Angel is appearing in Season 8, and considering how the two vampires are so closely tangled both as partners and in Buffy’s own mind, the next question is how long before Spike follows suit?  
IDW is giving Spike his own series, right?



Now maybe it's just me but four and five alongside Joss talking about the "fate of Spike" makes it sound like he's finally going to bear some importance in Season 8... out loud.  It could be as little as a bit of dialogue or as significant as an appearance.  I guess we'll see.
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