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Emmie [userpic]

Spike Comic: “Magical Mystery Tour: Featuring the Beetles”

August 1st, 2011 (11:08 am)

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 First off, I LOVED IT!

Spike Comic: "Magical Mystery Tour: Featuring the Beetles"Collapse )

Emmie [userpic]

Happy Birthday, Jane Espenson!

If there's one universal truth about the Buffyverse, if there's one rallying cry that unites us, it's our massive love for Jane Espenson.  So fandom, it's time to come together and show the love! ♥


How?  Easy.  If you have a Twitter account, join all her fans in celebrating the amazing and spectacular existence of this woman.  Jane loves Twitter and we love her, so here's how to get this party rollin':
  • Post tweets about Jane Espenson's superhuman qualities!  (Think Chuck Norris.  You know how we do what we do.  Get it, get it.)
  • Remember to use the #JaneBDay hashtag.
  • Her name in the Tweet should appear as @JaneEspenson
  • Try to avoid starting with @JaneEspenson, or only she or her followers will see it.

Tweet the Jane love.  Spread the word.  Have a beautiful day. 


*Yes, I'm on a fandom break, but breaks get interrupted for more important things like JANE'S BIRTHDAY!

Emmie [userpic]

A Missed Opportunity

September 15th, 2010 (03:22 pm)

Buffyfest conducted an interview with Jane Espenson about Season 8.  I... have a lot to say about it.  And yes, I still feel positive and hopeful for the conclusion of Season 8.  I'm still enjoying Season 8.  But this?  Yeah, there's still wankery going on that's making my feminism light up like a radioactive Christmas tree.

*waves to Bitsy*  C'mon, y'all.  You had to know you were misrepresenting here.  I've talked with you about this before, Bitsy.  C'mon.

Missed OpportunityCollapse )

Emmie [userpic]

Why do birds suddenly appear everytime Jane Espenson's near?

May 16th, 2010 (05:53 pm)

I stumbled across this old account of Jane Espenson at WriterCon back in 2004.  It's revealing and wonderfully entertaining!  Why is Jane so awesome?  She talks about her love of Jonathan, her love of shipping Spike with everyone, the subtext of Spike and Xander in the basement in Season 4, how she feels badly that the writers did a disservice to Kennedy in not showing why Willow loved her (see, Jane gets it!  It's unclear!), and of course she praises fanfiction for its creativity and even bravery (that she has Joss looking over her shoulder while fanfic writers do it on their own).

♥ Jane ♥

Also, apparently Joss would nix m/m subtext out of scripts (e.g.e between Angel and Doyle) saying it was "too gay."  Uhhh, okay then Joss.  Also, why was Giles not allowed to be with Anya again, Joss?  Because he didn't want Giles with one of the "girls".  That is just... weird.  Poor Giles deserves love!  Reading that makes me want to ship Giles/Anya.

Go read!  then come back and discuss with me, 'kay?

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