Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Wow. Just wow.

So "Thought You Should Know" is now over 30,000 words and wow.  It's funny but the further I go, the more humbling the experience of writing becomes.  I'm learning so much and at the same time not enough but I will keep on trying.  Thanks to everyone who's been following the story and so devotedly commenting.  Your feedback means a lot to me and it's that added push of knowing there's a reader out there actually wanting and waiting to read the next chapter that keeps me on my schedule. 

Cheers to 30K and many more! :)

And in news unrelated to TYSK, I've been thinking about how much I enjoyed the drabble meme that everyone and their mother did a few weeks ago.  What I loved most about it was the sense of creating a small story for one person.  It felt like giving a present and it was awesome.  I enjoyed it so much that I'd like to offer again to write a drabble for anyone who has a request.

I can drabble now?  If anyone would like me to write a drabble for them, no limits except in the Buffyverse please, I'd be delighted to make it so.
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