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Variety is Spicy

 I just reposted all the fic I've written in the past two months which includes:
Two Faith/Giles fics
One Wes/Lilah fic
One Faith/Angel fic
One Cordy & Wes fic
One Anyanka & Halfrek fic
One Buffy & A Naughty Fairy fic
One Buffy/Angel fic
One Buffy/Spike fic
One Buffy/Spike & Cordy/Angel fic
That's pretty damn spiffy if I do say so myself.  Usually I write a ton of Spuffy and Buffy fics.  Check me out!  Unsurprisingly, I feel like I did the best job with my Buffy/Spike (writing them is like home, sweet, home), but after that I'm most pleased with my Faith povs and Faith/Giles (nobody else ships this!  They are so unsung!).  Hmm.  I think I need to rewatch AtS Season 2 so I can write some Angel/Darla and Darla/Lindsey (and maybe some Angel/Lindsey for menomegirl ).

I'm probably going to go ahead and write whatever works for me, but I'm curious what people on my flist would be interested in reading.  This is mostly an excuse to post a poll, but it's also fun to gauge interest.  Clicky!

What would you most like to read?

More Spuffy!
Continue writing different pairings!
More gen fic!
Where's the slash? Why you no like tho?
To read makes our speaking English good.
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