Emmie (angearia) wrote,

Awesome Squared Times Infinity

Holy crap!  Y'all, I must immediately direct you to:

The entires have been opened up so that fans can vote for their favorites while Georges Jeanty judges the works. 

Seriously.  GO.  AMAZING.  *flails*   You can vote for your favorite three entries and the artist will get a Fan's Choice Award.

My favorites are #2 (the dusting effect, the skulls!, the Joss Whedon vampire!), # 7 (omg Cirque du Slay!  This is beyond incredible!) and #20 (I love the coloring on this, Joss and Buffy look like they're glowing, and the concept is absolutely wonderful in its simplicity, but executed to perfection.)
Tags: art, rec, slayalive
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