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BSG Thoughts

So do I need to be on guard against every new character?  Because yeah, I liked one of them in the most recent episode I watched and BAM.  Cylon.  I'm zooming through Season 2 at the moment. 

Loving Starbuck's character (she gets a lot of development and heart, doesn't she?), especially loving the Kara/Lee interactions ("No, you love me.  You can't take it back.  There's no take-backs!"/"You're dreaming it!"/"You love me!"/"Dreamer!"), and I enjoyed the imagery when they finally entered the tomb of Athena and all the constellations providing the map to Earth.  Roslin/Adama also have a wonderful dynamic.  I'm wondering though, am I the only one just not loving Sharon/Boomer/Whatever-Incarnation-She-Is-At-Any-Give-Time?  And Helo's okay, I'm not crazy about him, I mildly like him and sometimes really like him, but mostly he's just okay.  I did like how Sharon tricked Tom Zaren's man when they were on Kobol, but beyond that I just have oceans of distrust for her.  The fact that she could stage such a demonstration merely proves how dangerous she is and is not to be trusted--also, mothers can be scary.  Seriously don't wanna mess with a mama. 

Oh, and I can't stand Tigh's wife.  Seriously, I've been zoning out those scenes where he's drinking and she's pestering/nattering/goading him on.  Those scenes are so unnecessary to my enjoying this show--are in fact a deterrent to my enjoyment.

Gaius Baltar's crazy egomania is running a bit thin for me now.  I need some more scenes of him being ridiculous like back in Season 1 when he chased Gaeta in the restroom to plead his case that he wasn't a traitor while they were in adjacent stalls.  Hilarious!  Also, I love Gaeta.  I love how he covered for Dee when she helped Lee and President Roslin escape Galatica--he so could've thrown her under the bus but he didn't.  Oh and Dee!  I loved her confronting Commander Adama and telling him it was time to heal the wounds.  She's awesome.  And Billy.  They're adorable.

Okay, that's my ramble.  Back to watching SHOW.
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