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Rant? Okay!

UGH.  I hate it when I'm reading a fic and it's really good and then Spike gazes into  Dawn's eyes "hazel-green with tiny flecks of brown" and I go HULK SMASH! because Dawn has blue eyes.

You know what makes this even better?  I'm sure it's just a simple enough mistake, but Writer, your mistake in a fic where you've paired up Spike and Dawn means that his mistaking her eye color makes it look like he's seeing Buffy in front of him, not Dawn.  'Cause Buffy actually does have hazel eyes.  *headdesks*  And that would actually be interesting in it's fucked-up-ness (Spike being with Dawn after Buffy has died, but still seeing echoes of the dead woman he loves now in the younger sister he's learning to care for) but that's not your point.  

So really, can Writers please get the frickin' eye color of the characters right?  'Cause it really sucks when I'm totally into a story (great style, great characterization, pretty much great all around) and then I run across this mistake that makes me grind my teeth and then rant about it on my journal.  See?  Bad character description doesn't just hurt your readers, it hurts the friends of your readers, too.  It's a vicious trickledown effect.  So do the right thing--get the eye color right. 

This rant has been forwarded to Drew Goddard and Steven DeKnight who wrote Angel as describing Buffy as having "blue eyes" in The Girl in Question.  I fanwank this to mean that Angel can't even remember the eye color of the woman he loves, so how well does he really know her at this point?  But even I know that's BS...or maybe he's colorblind.  Dang, ain't life a bitch, Angel?
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